Our Services

From gastroesophageal reflux to colonoscopy, Medoff Medical is equipped to handle all of your gastroenterology needs. To help you understand your options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

Hemorrhoid Banding

We offer a simple new procedure bringing comfort and relief to those who suffer with hemorrhoids.  On average patients require three banding treatments, scheduled two weeks apart, to clear all hemorrhoids.  This approach insures successful treatment, avoids discomfort, and minimizes any complication.  No preparation is required by the patient prior to banding and because it is painless there is no need for sedation.  Since the procedure is covered by insurance the only cost to the patient is their office co-pay. Patients simply drive to the office, have their hemorrhoid banded, then drive away to return to their work or daily activity, all within about 20 minutes.


Colonoscopy/Hydrotherapy Preparation
Colon hydrotherapy offers patients an alternative method of colon cleansing in preparation for colonoscopy. It offers several advantages over standard preparations, including:

  • The diet is not limited for the five days prior to the procedure as it would be otherwise, and no fasting is required. Only the day before the procedure we ask patients to restrict their diet to fruit smoothies, adding one packet of MiraLax to each smoothie consumed. The night before 2 Dulcolax tablets are taken. The next morning it is on to the hydrotherapist for a one hour session then on to the endoscopy suite for the colonoscopy.
  • There are no problems with nausea and vomiting which occurs in about 10% of those prepping with oral solution.
  • You receive a good night sleep prior to colonoscopy, because it avoids the frequent lingering effects of the oral preparation which can interfere with sleep.

To date we have a large experience with over 400 patients choosing hydrotherapy for their colonoscopy preparation. With rare exception we have had favorable results both from the standpoint of adequate cleansing and patient acceptance.

Hydrotherapy offers an alternative approach that allows many to undergo colonoscopy who would otherwise hesitate to do so.

Medoff Metabolics

We have been recommending weight loss to patients for the past 25 years. After looking around town we realized that there were limited resources available to refer our patients to. Many of our patients simply could not reach and/or maintain their goal weight with commercial programs. With the problem of obesity spreading and increasing, seven years ago we decided to attack this with a new intensity and develop the medical expertise to guide our patients through the often confusing world of weight loss strategies.

Our approach is medically directed and multi-faceted.  Weight loss is not mass produced and one size certainly does not fit all!  The individual is our focus as we develop their weight loss strategy.

Each of us has a unique nutritional and dietary history.  Other medical conditions directly and indirectly relate to one’s weight status.  Medications need to be reviewed and at times altered to facilitate weight loss, or at the very least avoid additional weight gain. For example, most patients (and healthcare providers too!) are unaware that SSRI antidepressants (e.g. Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, etc.) can cause weight gain.  Physical exam and laboratory tests are also key to uncovering causes of obesity or additional problems the obesity may be causing. Treatment is also individualized by determining caloric requirements, providing nutritional counseling, and reviewing exercise options.  Meal supplements are used for most to maximize protein calories while keeping carbohydrate and fat calories low.  Medication may be prescribed to address specific issues that usually undermine success, e.g. hunger, carbohydrate cravings, stress eating.

By addressing weight issues as a chronic medical condition, rather than a personal character flaw, we keep the objectivity patients expect from their doctor.  This translates into a doable, supportive, therapeutic plan with dramatically improved results in achieving healthy weight

Laboratory & X-ray Services

At Medoff Medical, we now offer our patients the convenience of having their labs drawn onsite.  Located in our office, Aurora Lab has opened a satelite office.  So now our patients have the option of having their labs drawn onsite or they can be referred to the lab of their choice.

Medoff Medical does not provide x-ray services onsite.  We have chosen to refer our patients to the best radiologists rather than try to duplicate these expert services.  When ordered, we will schedule these tests for you, review any specific instructions, and give you driving directions.